Elena Michaels
Biographical Information

Stonehaven (Currently)
Toronto (Formally)


Human (Formally)
Werewolf (Currently)


Alpha of The Pack



Relationship Information

Brendan Michaels (adoptive father) †
Lisa Michaels (adoptive mother) †
Sasha Antonov (Father) †
Natayla Navikev (Mother)
Katia Antonov (Paternal Half-Sister)
Alexei Antonov (paternal half-brother)
Konstantin Saranin (maternal uncle)
Roman Navikev (maternal grandfather)
Clayton Danvers (Fiancé)

Significant Others

Philip McAdams (Ex-Boyfriend)

Supernatural Information
  • Basic Werewolf Abilities
  • Enhanced Senses
Character Information
Portrayed By

Laura Vandervoort


1, 2, 3

First Appearance


Last Appearance

Truth, Changes, Everything

I just want to be normal.
— Elena in Summons

Elena Michaels is the female lead and protagonist of Bitten. She is the only known female werewolf in the world, the fiancée of Clayton Danvers and the ex-girlfriend of Philip McAdams.

Early HistoryEdit

Elena was orphaned at a young age when both of her parents died. With no living relatives she was placed in the state care system and lived with foster families. At some point as a child she was molested by a neighbour, Victor Olson and reported him to the authorities. He was later charged, she testified against him and was sent to prison. After graduating from high school, Elena attended college.

To pay for her college, Elena applied to be an assistant to an anthropologist professor, Clayton Danvers. They fell in love and quickly became engaged. Clayton brought Elena to Stonehaven where his adoptive father, Jeremy Danvers, lived.

Jeremy Danvers was in the middle of a turn when Elena heard a noise and looked toward the woods. He thought Elena saw him so he ordered Clayton away so he could kill her, because one of many strict rules werewolves adhere to is that if a human knows about werewolves they must be killed.

Clayton not wanting this to be his lover's fate, bites Elena so she can have another chance at life. However, biting her was a huge risk for both of them. There had never been a female werewolf, therefore women were thought to be generally not strong enough to survive the change: getting stuck mid-change or mentally unstable from it eventually always led to their deaths.

Somehow Elena survived and now is the the only female werewolf, but Elena, not knowing the truth behind why Clayton bit her broke off their engagement.

Throughout BittenEdit

Season OneEdit

Elena Michaels moved away from Stonehaven in Bear Valley, NY to Toronto where she had met Philip McAdams. She tried to live a normal human life away from her pack especially her ex-fiance, Clayton Danvers.

Elena's cousin, Logan Jonsen also lived in Toronto where he is a practicing psychologist. He also wanted to keep distance from the pack to live a normal life with his girlfriend, Rachel Sutton.

Her plan didn't work when she was called to Stonehaven by the pack Alpha, Jeremy Danvers, to help track a rogue murderous Mutt (a werewolf that isn't part of a pack).

Elena and Clay tracked down the Mutt at a warehouse party where chaos quickly followed after the Mutt turned. He ended up killing a woman and biting a man. The Mutt's chaos was short lived, he was hit by a truck. The man who was bitten was "mercifully" killed by Clay so he wouldn't have to spend any longer in agony.

Elena wanting to go back to her new life in Toronto and further not spend any more time with Clay leaves Stonehaven.

Not soon after Elena is called back to Stonehaven once again putting her life on hold and causing her to lie to Philip about why she had to leave again, because one of the pack members, Peter Myers, was murdered by another Mutt.

Season TwoEdit

Season ThreeEdit


Elena is a smart,kind honest person she revealed the secret to keep everyone safe everyone envys her she is the only female werewolf elana has the brains thats why shes alpha clay didnt think he just did elana gave great advice

Physical AppearanceEdit

Elena is described as being a slender, tall woman with a "werewolf's typically athletic build", standing at around 5'10. Furthermore, she has blue eyes and white-blonde hair that is mid-back length. It is stated in the books that Elena has not worn makeup since the 1990s, but despite this she has "wholesome good looks" and people have stated that if she made an effort to fix herself up, she would be very beautiful. Contrary to the previous statement, others have said that Elena possesses a natural beauty and does not need any makeup. When she is in her wolf form, she becomes a blonde wolf. Her wolf appearance is similar to that of a husky or another big dog.


Elena in wolf form


Being a werewolf Elena possesses all the basic abilities of her kind such as being physically stronger and faster than humans, possessing heightened senses, prolonged youth and the ability to shift into a wolf. Evidence of this strength was shown when she easily broke the arm of Thomas LeBlanc. It is stated several times by Jeremy that Elena is the pack's best tracker. Elena also possesses heightened senses, which she displayed when she was able to hear the conversation between Philip's sister and mother at the awards ceremony. She has also shown to possess an even greater sense of smell than that of others in the pack and is the best tracker among them. An ability that is unique to her is that she can prevent the change mid transition, which no other werewolf has been able to do.


Clayton DanversEdit

Main article: Elena and Clayton

Clayton is Elena's soul mate. He is the one who turns her into a werewolf. At the beginning of the series she hates him and doesn’t want anything to do with him. She blames Clay for what happened to her, until Jeremy told her he was gonna kill her and that clay did it to protect her they are ride or die they fight for each other and save each other through the worst

Philip McAdamsEdit

Main article: Elena and Philip

Philip and Elena were dating when she lived in Toronto. Unlike Elena, he was a human. He didn't know about pack, werevolves, or other supernatural forces. Elena wanted to have a normal life with him and forget who she really was. In the first season they break up. she saved him he saw her run into a wolf he acted like he could deal with it he really could not he got killed

Jeremy DanversEdit

Leader/alpha of the pack. He is like a father for Elena, she respects him and listens to him when he is right but not all of the time she trusts him

Logan JonsenEdit

He was a member of the Jeremy's pack. Logan was cousins with Elena. She could talk to him about everything. their bond was so cute

Nick SorrentinoEdit

He was a member of Jeremy's pack. Nick often flirted with Elena, he truly cares about her, but it's nothing more than a brother / sister relationship.

Antonio SorrentinoEdit

He was a member of the Jeremy's pack and also his right hand. He was like an uncle for Elena.

Peter MyersEdit

He was a member of the Jeremy's pack. He was like a brother for Elena, they truly cared for each other.

Savannah LevineEdit

She is a young witch. Savannah really likes Elena and values her opinions. Elena feels protective towards Savannah and promises to make sure no one hurts her again.

Rachel SuttonEdit

She was a girlfriend of Logan Jonsen and mother of their baby boy. Rachel and Elena first meet in Toronto, they are like distant friends. Elena cares for Rachel because she is a sweetheart of a pack member.

Sasha AntonovEdit

He is the biological father of Elena, he truly loves her until his death.

Alexei AntonovEdit

He is the paternal half-brother of Elena.

Katia AntonovEdit

She was the paternal half-sister of Elena.

Roman NavikevEdit

He was an alpha of the Russian werewolf pack. He was very interested in the only female werewolf. But he was sexist towards Elena, he thought that women were not as strong as a men. He was also the biological grandfather of Elena Michaels. Roman also murdered his daughter/her mother.

Konstantin SaraninEdit

He was the son of Roman Navikev. Elena is his paternal niece.

Malcolm DanversEdit

He was the father of Jeremy. Malcolm killed Elena's ex-boyfriend Philip and later he want to killed her also but he failed. Elena was the one who killed him.

Aleister ViEdit

He and Elena were unique, they had something in common, he was the only known male warlock and she was the only female werewolf in the world.


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