Karen Morgan
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Sheriff (formerly)



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Jeremy Danvers

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Unknown sister

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Fiona Highet


1, 3

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Karen Morgan is recurring Character of Bitten.

Karen was the Sheriff of Bear Valley until she retired shortly after a string of deaths blamed on local wolves.

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Season ThreeEdit

Karen reappeared partway through Bitten season three while Jeremy was buying supplies to dispose of some bodies. She pulled up to talk to him while he was loading his car in the parking lot. She tells Jeremy she is no longer Sheriff but she takes a keen interest in what he has been buying. Again there is some flirtation between herself and Jeremy but nothing comes of it. She is seen later on in the series when she intervenes when a Russian man starts shouting at one of the locals because he is parked in his way. Karen asks if everything is ok then she asks the local to move his car, she asks the Russian if he is okay and she asks if she can call anyone for him he tells her he is fine that he is visiting someone in the town she asks who and he says people in big house she asks if he means Stonehaven he says yes and gets in his car and drives away, Karen still having her phone out takes a picture of the cars registration. Later on Karen calls someone about the guy and gives his registration the person says she is supposed to be retired. Later you see Karen looking through a wire fence at an airfield at the man from before she is on the phone to a guy thanking him for his help. He tells her he can understand why she asked about this guy as he is a bad man back in Russia he has a past of assault and attempted murder all withdrawn. Kate takes another look at the man before getting in her car and leaving the airfield. She follows the Russian men to the factory where Jeremy is in a meeting with the Russian Alpha and Sasha Antonov (Elena's father), the men pull up and begin to wait outside the factory. Karen gets her gun and gets out of her car being careful not to let the see her. She starts to look around the outside of the factory unaware that Jeremy is inside. Karen notices Jeremys jeep parked outside the factory she looks up when she hears a noise to see a mans bloody hand streak across a window before disappearing behind the blinds. She gets her gun ready and heads up the stairs towards the office where Jeremy is she hears a scream behind her turning she sees a naked young man (Alexei Antonov) on his knees they stare at each other while Karen points her gun at him. She watches as he turns into a wolf (his first change) backing up the stairs she backs herself into the office where Jeremy is still holding her gun. Where she is grabbed by Roman the Russian Alpha and stabbed in the leg before he hits her head against the wall and throws her at Jeremy with whom he has just had a fight with. Jeremy grabs Karen and tries to put pressure on her wound while Roman escapes Elana arrives and Jeremy asks her to stay with him while he sends Clay off after Roman he tells Elana to grab the medical kit from his jeep and follow him. Jeremy has tied his belt around Karens leg to stop the bleeding Elena enters the room and asks what she doing there, Jeremy tells her he doesn't know he gets upset at the situation and shouts "I don't know" at Elena when she attempts to ask him another question. Jeremy tells her to deal with Sashas wounds while he deals with Karens, Jeremy tells Elana he needs to find out what she saw when Elana asks what he is going to do. Jeremy stands over Karens body he sighs heavily as she lies motionless on the floor. Karen is lying on a sofa she sees a flash of the young man turning into a wolf before she awakens, looking around she sees Jeremy she rubs her head before sitting up. She asks Jeremy what happened he tells her he wrapped her leg to stop the bleeding, he tells her she took a terrible blow to the head she tells Jeremy she had the strangest dream he ask her what about she says contorted animal or something he asks her what kind of animal she says she doesn't even know and that must be a result of the blow to her head. Jeremy tells her that a blow like that can make a person hallucinate the strangest things he gives her a glass of water. She asks him how she got there he tells her everything's fine she says she is hurt he replies that everything is fine and gives her some pain killers. He tells her she'll feel dazed for a little bit while he walks away she notices her gun on the table she asks Jeremy if an ambulance is coming he tells her they have to talk first. She tells him she needs to go he replies that it is not a good idea not yet.


She is very cautious and curious about Stonehaven and those living there (particularly Jeremy Danvers), such that when she questioned them surrounding the multiple deaths in the first season, she treated it more as a interrogation. She took a liking to Jeremy but nothing came of it.

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Season One
"Summons" "Prodigal" "Trespass" "Grief" "Bitten"
"Committed" "Stalking" "Prisoner" "Vengeance" "Descent"
"Settling" "Caged" "Ready"
Season Three
"Family, Of Sorts" "Our Own Blood" "Right Behind You" "A Quiet Dog" "Of Sonders Weight"
"Rule of Anger" "On the Brink" "Tili Tili Bom" "Shock the System" "Truth, Changes, Everything"


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