Rachel Sutton
Bitten rachel sutton
Biographical Information

Human (Formally)
Witch (Currently)



Relationship Information

Unnamed Sister
Rocco (son)

Significant Others

Logan Jonsen (boyfriend)

Supernatural Information


Character Information
Portrayed By

Genelle Williams


1, 2, 3

Last Appearance

Truth, Changes, Everything

Rachel Sutton is Logan Jonsen's lover, girlfriend, and mother of Rocco. When they are caught in the battle between the Pack and the Mutts, Logan tries to keep her safe without telling her about his life as a werewolf. 


Rachel was born a human with no supernatural abilities. She was kidnapped by Aleister and injected multiple times with witch's blood which caused her to acquire magical abilities. While at the compound Elena is forced to change into a wolf in front of her which is how she learns of the existence of werewolves.

Throughout BittenEdit

Season OneEdit

After she got pregnant with Logan's child, she began discovering the supernatural world that surrounded her.

Season TwoEdit

She is aware of the existence of both werewolves and witches. After she was captured by Aleister Vi, she was continuously injected with Savannah Levine's witch blood.

Season ThreeEdit

After her son was born she thought that her son was the one making things float around the room, but with Paige's help she discovered that she was the one with all the power. She appears to be quite powerful in the use of witchcraft.

Paige insinuated Rachel into her coven and began teaching her the ways of the Craft. Within a few weeks, Rachel was capable of defending her self, protecting her son and Nick, and channeling her power through the use of her talisman, which she got during a ceremony that was performed off-screen. She was capable of casting locator spells, using powerful telekinesis, and controlling the body of a werewolf by immobilizing him and then proceeding to snap his neck.


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Logan JonsenEdit


Season One
"Summons" "Prodigal" "Trespass" "Grief" "Bitten"
"Committed" "Stalking" "Prisoner" "Vengeance" "Descent"
"Settling" "Caged" "Ready"
Season Two
"Bad Blood" "Scare Tactics" "Hell's Teeth" "Dead Meat" "Rabbit Hole"
"Nine Circles" "Bad Dreams" "Dark Arts" "Scavenger's Daughter" "Fine Temporum"
Season Three
"Family, Of Sorts" "Our Own Blood" "Right Behind You" "A Quiet Dog" "Of Sonders Weight"
"Rule of Anger" "On the Brink" "Tili Tili Bom" "Shock the System" "Truth, Changes, Everything"


She is possibly the first human to not be born a witch, but become one through blood injections.


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