Sasha Antonov
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Police Officer

Relationship Information

Natayla Navikev (First Wife) †
Elena Michaels (Daughter)
Unnamed Second Wife †
Katia Antonov (Daughter) †
Alexei Antonov (Son)
Roman Navikev (Father in law) †
Konstantin Saranin (Brother in law)

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Basic Werewolf Abilities Enhanced Senses

Character Information
Portrayed By

John Ralston
Kyle Bailey (Young)



First Appearance

Family, Of Sorts

Last Appearance

Truth, Changes, Everything

Sasha Antonov is rescurring character of Bitten. He is Elena's biological father and a werewolf who went rogue. He is also the father of Alexei & Katia.

Early HistoryEdit

Born and raised a member of the Russian Pack, Sasha was appointed by Roman Navikev to watch over his human daughter, Natayla Navikev. Sasha and Natayla fell in love and they had a daughter together, Elena. Sasha also revealed himself as a werewolf to Natayla.

Upon learning of this, Roman killed his own daughter but swore to kill Sasha and all who shared his blood. To protect his daughter, Sasha placed Elena in foster care overseas while he went on the run.

He met and fell in love with another woman, who had his two children Alexei and Katia Antonov. Roman and the Russian Pack managed to catch up with Sasha and forced him and his children to watch as they tore Sasha's wife apart. Somehow, Sasha rescued his children and they went on the run together from Roman's vendetta.

Throughout BittenEdit

Season ThreeEdit

Sasha learned his daughter, Elena, was not only alive and well but had become a werewolf too. This prompted him to finally meet her. Unbeknownst to them, Roman, the Alpha of the Russian Pack, captured a witch and forced her to use her magic to track Sasha. The trail led to Buffalo, where the American Pack was located.

The interests and differences between both Packs, especially Roman's vendetta against Sasha, led to war with casualties on both sides.

The Albino or his twin murdered Katia and came very close to killing Elena. Jeremy managed to kill Roman, hoping Roman's son, Konstantin Saranin, would settle for peace between the two packs.

Alas, Konstantin decided to take advantage of the situation to try to take over all the werewolf packs in the world, starting with the American Pack. Using the American Pack's records, Konstantin and his men tracked down members of the American Pack, giving them a choice between swearing loyalty to Konstantin or death. None of them agreed to follow, all of them having sworn their loyalty to Elena Michaels, the new Alpha of the American Pack.

After careful planning, Sasha and Elena made their strategy. Elena went to confront her uncle at Stonehaven while Sasha went to a press conference held by the mayor. Elena threatened Konstantin to leave otherwise evidence would be delivered to Russian authorities detailing the Russian Pack's crimes, which would force all members of the Russian Pack to go on the run.

Konstantin beleived Elena was bluffing because such a threat would also reveal the existence of werewolves to the world. Elena then showed the press conference where Sasha had gone to, and revealed that Sasha had Changed in front of a crowd of human witnesses while being filmed on live television, and in doing so the werewolves' existence was finally exposed.

Sasha had indeed Changed into his wolf form. The mayor holding the press conference had almost made physical contact with Sasha but a police officer, out of fear, shot Sasha. Sasha reverted to his human form and died while being held in the arms of the mayor, who tried to tell Sasha to hold on for the ambulance.


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Season Three
"Family, Of Sorts" "Our Own Blood" "Right Behind You" "A Quiet Dog" "Of Sonders Weight"
"Rule of Anger" "On the Brink" "Tili Tili Bom" "Shock the System" "Truth, Changes, Everything"


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