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Werewolves are creatures that can transform from humans into large wolves. They possess enhanced Physical attributes such as Strength, Speed and Senses.


The werewolves, also known as the "mutts" and the "Clay's Pack," trace their origins back to European folklore and legends. Over the centuries, they've maintained a secretive existence, living among humans. The main werewolf pack in the series is led by Jeremy Danvers and resides in Stonehaven, a remote estate in upstate New York. This pack follows a strict code of conduct and hierarchy, with Jeremy serving as the Alpha, or leader. The pack members are bound by loyalty and a sense of family, often prioritizing the well-being of the pack above all else. On the other hand, the mutts are werewolves who have chosen to live outside of the pack's rules and regulations. They are often portrayed as rebels or outcasts, challenging the authority of the pack and causing conflict within the werewolf community. Throughout the series, the history of the werewolves is explored through flashbacks, ancestral ties, and the unfolding of ancient prophecies.


There are two distinct groups of werewolves: Pack and non-Pack wolves, commonly referred to as "mutts". Mutts generally try to avoid drawing the Pack's attention.

Werewolf packs are led by a singular Alpha, unlike wild wolf packs that are led by both a male and female alpha. This is being due to hereditary werewolves only being able to pass the werewolf gene onto their sons, meaning that werewolf packs are usually only comprised of male werewolves. 


  • Enhanced Strength: All werewolves, whether in their human or wolf forms, possess superhuman levels of strength, speed, and stamina, well above the normal human limits. They possess the strength to easily lift and overpower any human, some have even displayed the strength to be able to plunge their fist straight through someone's chest and rip their heart out like Elena did. A werewolf's strength seems to vary depending on their size and weight, regardless of this they are stronger than any human.
  • Enhanced Speed and Stamina: Werewolves possess the speed to reach locations at a rate faster than humans can on foot, and can achieve even faster speeds when transformed. When transformed, a werewolf's speed will be similar to that of an actual wolf, possibly even faster. Werewolves can exert themselves for a lot longer and in a far greater physical capacity, allowing them to perform usually strenuous tasks with minimal effort.
  • Enhanced Reflexes and Agility: All werewolves display great reflexes, allowing them to catch and dodge attacks from assailants with ease. Werewolves also possess greater agility, allowing them to move with great speed and flexibility. They are able to perform acrobatic feats with ease, and can effectively utilise them in combat, werewolves can also perform prodigious leaps across far greater heights and distances.
  • Enhanced Senses: Even in human form, werewolves have senses superior to humans, enabling them to be able to track by scent, they are also able to detect sounds and conversations, even when humans can't. Werewolves also possess greater clarity in the dark, and their visual range extends into multiple visual spectrums.
  • Enhanced Health: Werewolves possess an innate ever present wellness and immunity to all illness and disease. They are always in a state of constant radiant health and fitness, never contracting any illness or disease. Their bodies are nearly self maintaining in fitness and physical form and they require very little physical exercise to maintain their physical build. During their transformation any affliction or infirmity a werewolf suffered from as a normal human being is both healed and fully corrected, resulting in the werewolf coming out of the transformation in perfect health and condition.
  • Accelerated Healing: Werewolves heal from mild injuries & wounds with in a shorter period of time than normal human beings, as well as being able to heal from more serious or fatal injuries with greater efficiency and potency, they do not scar permanently and possess a greater chance of survival. Werewolves have also shown to be much more resilient to infections and disease, with many going an entire lifetime without getting sick, however, they are susceptible to the effects of poisons.
  • Advanced Longevity: Werewolves will age at a human rate until adulthood, after which they enjoy prolonged youth and live longer. They still age but noticably slower, to a point that some werewolf fathers and sons, like Antonio Sorrentino and his son Nick, might pass themselves off as brothers or even as uncles and nephews to avoid suspicion.
  • Transformation: Every Werewolf has the power to transform from human form to that of a large wolf. The process of "Changing" is painful and can be done at will (with training), or it can be triggered in response to a threat to the werewolf's life. Otherwise, Werewolves need to transform at least once a week, as it becomes akin to a bodily need. Delaying the Change can induce symptoms like increased adrenaline, an impulsive feeling to run, and an instinctive need to get out and work off the excess energy. Delaying the Change for too long increases the likelihood for the Change to occur uncontrollably.
    • Natural Weaponry: Experienced werewolves can perform a partial-Change of their form, such as turning their fingers into claws, an act which has mainly been used in combat, or for offensive purposes.
  • Infectious Bite: Werewolves are able to pass the gene onto their children, however the gene can be passed to humans if their saliva enters the human's bloodstream, something which can occur through a werewolf biting a human. The biting process is dangerous enough to be both psychologically damaging and traumatic as well as a risk to the human's life. The youngest anyone has ever survived being bitten and successfully becoming a werewolf was a seven year-old boy, but no human woman has survived the process, with the exception of Elena Michaels. The only other exception was Sondra Bauer who pulled through physically but was left psychologically traumatised.

Known Users[]

  • Malcolm Danvers, born werewolf - deceased (killed by Elena Michaels)
  • Jeremy Danvers, born werewolf
  • Clayton Danvers, bitten werewolf
  • Elena Michaels, bitten werewolf
  • Antonio Sorrentino, born werewolf - deceased (killed by Daniel Santos)
  • Nick Sorrentino, born werewolf
  • Peter Myers, born werewolf - deceased (killed by Zachary Cain and Thomas LeBlanc)
  • Logan Jonsen, born werewolf - deceased (killed by Aleister Vi)
  • Rocco, born werewolf
  • Sasha Antonov, born werewolf - deceased (killed by a policeman)
  • Alexei Antonov, born werewolf
  • Roman Navikev, born werewolf - deceased (killed by Jeremy Danvers)
  • Konstantin Saranin, born werewolf
  • Sondra Bauer, bitten werewolf - deceased (killed by Aleister Vi)
  • Amber, bitten werewolf - deceased (mercy-killed by Zachary Cain)
  • Thomas LeBlanc, bitten werewolf - deceased (killed by Elena Michaels)
  • Daniel Santos, born werewolf - deceased (killed by Elena Michaels)
  • Zachary Cain, born werewolf
  • Karl Marsten, born werewolf - deceased (killed by a Russian werewolf)
  • Dennis Stillwell, born werewolf - deceased (killed by Zachary Cain and Thomas LeBlanc)
  • Joey Stillwell, born werewolf - deceased (killed by a sniper (Pablo Escobado))
  • The Albino, born werewolf - deceased (killed by Clayton Danvers in wolf form)
  • The Albino's Twin Brother, born werewolf - deceased (killed by Alexei Antonov)
  • Victor Olson, bitten werewolf - deceased (killed by Elena Michaels)
  • Scott Brandon, bitten werewolf - deceased (hit by a truck while in wolf form)
  • Jorge Sorrentino, born werewolf - deceased (killed by The Albino's twin brother)
  • Eduardo Escobado, born werewolf - deceased (killed by Roman Navikev)
  • Jimmy Koenig, born werewolf - deceased (killed by Nick Sorrentino)
  • Samuel Boggs, born werewolf - status unknown
  • Henry Boggs, born werewolf - deceased
  • Theo Cain, born werewolf - deceased
  • Jacob Finn, born werewolf - deceased (killed by Logan Jonsen in wolf form)
  • Jacob Finn's father, born werewolf
  • Dominic Sorrentino, born werewolf - deceased
  • Jeremy Danvers' grandfather, born werewolf - presumably deceased
  • Nate Parker, bitten werewolf - deceased (killed by Aleister Vi)
  • Richard Hart, born werewolf - deceased (killed by Aleister Vi)
  • Anson Haight, born werewolf - deceased (killed by a Russian werewolf)
  • Bucky Durst, born werewolf - deceased (killed by Clayton Danvers)
  • Freddie Durst, born werewolf - deceased (killed by Jeremy Danvers and/or Clayton Danvers)
  • Leon Durst, born werewolf - deceased (killed by Sasha Antonov)
  • Rodrigo Sanchez, born werewolf - deceased (killed by Jeremy Danvers)
  • Rodrigo Sanchez' son, born werewolf
  • Pablo Escobado, born werewolf - deceased (committed suicide to avoid torture by North American Pack)
  • Diego, born werewolf - deceased (killed by Sasha Antonov)
    • Billy Allen born werewolf From Swansea
    • Sarah Allen born werewolf From Swansea
      • Sasha Antonov's father, born werewolf - presumably deceased

Type of Werewolf[]

There are no actual types of werewolves as in different breeds, but simply a status.

  • Pack Werewolf:
  • Pureblood werewolves are those who are born into the werewolf lineage rather than being turned through a bite or a curse. This means their werewolf traits are passed down through generations, making their werewolf abilities stronger and more stable. The Pureblood werewolves in the series are depicted as having enhanced strength, speed, and senses, along with the ability to transform into their wolf forms at will. They also possess a heightened healing ability, allowing them to recover from injuries that would be fatal to humans. The pack's werewolf type emphasizes tradition, discipline, and a strong sense of community. They follow a strict code of conduct and hierarchy, with Jeremy serving as the Alpha and making decisions for the pack. Loyalty and unity are core values within the pack, and members often prioritize the well-being of the group over individual desires. The Pureblood werewolves in "Bitten" are also shown to have a deep connection to nature and the moon, with their powers and transformations influenced by lunar cycles.
  • Mutt:
  • Unlike the pack, which has rules and a structured hierarchy, the mutts often operate outside of these guidelines. They can be seen as rogue werewolves who don't adhere to the norms and traditions of the werewolf community. Some of the main mutt characters in the series include Daniel Santos and Zachary Cain.
  • Mutts are werewolves who are not members of Packs; they are rogues who drift here and there as they are not allowed to settle because that would be equivalent to claiming territory, and mutts cannot have territory. Because they don't live with packs, mutts tend to be the offenders of pack law and some have even gone as far as killing and eating humans, thus signing their own death warrants with the pack. Though some mutts are law-abiding, and every mutt who fathers a son must take the child and all contact with the mother is severed while daughters are ignored since the werewolf gene only passes down the male line.